African Dance Classes

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African Dance Starting Every Mondays and Wednesdays at 6pm

Mondays -  Beginner

Wednesdays - Intermediate

Time: 6pm - 7pm

Adults:  8 week sessions   $120

Children: 8 week sessions  $80

Drop in Classes $20

Receive 10% off when you purchase the 8 week

session packages!!

Come join us and dance with Jean Assamoa, Founder of Akwaba Cultural Exchange and 2 times Awards winner (2003 & 2005) in New York City.

This program exposes participants to the historical development of African dances. They will learn the introduction to African dance steps and develop basic dance skills, such as warm-up, stretch and preparatory exercises, specific skills related to the African dances.

Benefits of Jean Assamoa Method:

- Relieves stress

- Decreases depression

- Reduces feelings of loneliness

- Provides a fun experience

- Boosts self-confidence

- Provides positive coping skills

  1. -And many more...

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Family and multiple class discounts are available.


Jean Assamoa, orginally from Abidjan(Ivory Coast), has been teaching and performing for over 17 years in Africa, Europe,     USA(NYC) and Canada since 2008.



Adults - 8 Classes


Children - 8 Classes


African Dance Drop - In