The Groovy Goddess Method Instructional Workshop

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Get Certified Today! Become A Groovy Goddess (TM) 
Belly Dance Instructor
And A Leader In Your Community! 

Chemagne Martin creator of The Groovy Goddess Method (TM)
Become a Groovy Goddess Instructor and learn to teach the sexy art of Belly Dance 
in a safe and effective way, while unleashing and discovering 
your inner Groovy Goddess! 

The Groovy Goddess method (TM) offers a fun, modern, and healthy approach to traditional 
Belly Dance instruction that is inspired by the foundations of yoga, Pilates, 
and Belly Dance technique. 

This certification workshop is designed to teach dancers, fitness experts, 
dance and movement professionals on how to instruct Belly Dance 
within their own dance, health and fitness communities and institutions.  

6 Key Points You Will Learn In This Workshop:

How To Instruct Belly Dance Through Healthy Body Movement
Upper Body Moves in Belly Dance
Lower Body Moves in Belly Dance
4. 4 Main Traveling Steps
2 Intermediate and Advance Moves
2 Fun Groovy Goddess Combinations 


Cost - $99.00

Contact Chemagne to book an instructional workshop at your studio or fitness location. 

 Registration Now Open!   Become A Groovy Goddess! (TM)